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Get Your Drive Back with Koreselect Stamina

Get Your Drive Back with Koreselect Stamina

Who Has the Energy?

Pansomnia: restlessness deriving from the stress of the pandemic and the lack of energy and motivation associated with full or partial self-quarantining. This restless only exacerbates the energy-draining effects of stress and diminished activity and social interaction and wreaks havoc on your immune system which depends on sleep to regenerate and maintain balance.

The stressors leading to this “pansomnia” are further amplified by the impending cold and flu season and the shift to the colder (and more somber) fall and then winter seasons. Not to mention the stress many people are facing just from trying to keep up their work routines, let alone trying to re-enter the in-person labor force as the world shifts away from quarantine. These stressors not only affect your well-being and mood but they can also affect your relationships.

These stressors, the “pansomnia,” the relationship conflicts, and diminished immune functioning can all work to drain your energy and mood which in turn can diminish your performance. Fortunately, Korea Ginseng Corp’s Koreselect Stamina can help you get back into the swing of things.

Ginseng for Immunity and Performance

Korea Ginseng Corp uses the highest quality Korean ginseng to produce their Korean red ginseng extracts. Korean red ginseng is produced by steaming Korean ginseng in a method that increases the medicinal properties of the ginseng root. Ginseng has numerous health benefits including but not limited to immune support. Korean red ginseng is shown to enhance the immune system’s ability to maintain homeostasis, as well as enhancing the immune system’s ability to modulate its activity in face of stressors or microbial threats (germs).

Korean red ginseng can help your immune system at both the system and the component (organs, proteins, and cells) level by regulating function and enhancing the ability of key immune cells, proteins, and organs to identify and fend off invading germs. The anti-inflammatory and anti-infection capabilities of ginseng also help your body recover faster. Beyond this, ginseng is also shown to increase blood circulation which helps distribute key proteins, nutrients, and cells throughout the body.

When your body is functioning at peak and you feel healthy, you will also feel an increase in your energy and enhancement in your mood. Ginseng also amplifies these benefits by holding its own energy enhancing and mood-stabilizing properties. Taken together, ginseng can help you feel better so you can experience optimal stamina and performance. 

L-Arginine and Maca Root for Enhanced Mood and Performance

In addition to the benefits of Korean red ginseng, Koreselect Stamina also contains L-Arginine and Maca Root extract – both of which are linked to improved stamina and performance. L-Arginine has been shown in studies to enhance and stimulate the body’s nitrous oxide systems (NOS). These NOS in turn help regulate physical function. Maca Root extract has been shown to promote stimulation and drive and to enhance performance.

Koreselect Stamina for Peak Performance

Koreselect Stamina supplement can help you reach peak performance. Koreselect Stamina can help you attain optimal immune health, circulation, energy, focus, mood, drive, and stamina so that you can overcome the stressors around you and help you get back to the activities that you love to do.

Korea Ginseng Corp

Korea Ginseng Corp is your best source for Korean red ginseng. Korean red ginseng is the most potent form of ginseng.  Korea Ginseng Corp’s range of the best Korean red ginseng products will suit every occasion. KCG’s highly-potent and high-quality products include delicious and healthy teas, candies, tonics, and more. All of KGC’s products are made from KGC’s highest quality Korean red ginseng extract, to help you boost your immune system so you can meet the day. 

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