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Extract Limited: The Best Ginseng Supplement for Seniors

Extract Limited: The Best Ginseng Supplement for Seniors

Learn why this ginseng product is an excellent supplement for senior health.

Because the immune systems of people ages 60 and above are not as strong as they used to be, they are more susceptible to illnesses, especially in cold weather. This is why aside from a healthy lifestyle and diet, they need to take health supplements to ensure their overall well-being.

One of the best ginseng supplements today for seniors is CheongKwangJang’s Extract Limited. Unlike your typical multivitamins, Extract Limited is packed with a lot of antioxidants and supports a healthy immune system. 

Here are five other reasons why seniors should include Extract Limited in their daily diet:

1. Extract Limited has high potency.

Extract Limited contains the most concentrated and purest form of the best Korean red ginseng grown and matured for six years. Six-year-old red ginseng is considered the “true red ginseng” because the roots have reached their maturity and functional peak, making it very potent. Extract Limited is effective in supporting the following

-Healthy immune system

-Memory functions

-Mental energy

-Fatigue recovery

-Healthy blood circulation

-Sexual health

Although Extract Limited can provide such health benefits, it is important to note that it is not a prevention or cure to any disease.

2. It is made of 100% Korean red ginseng.

Extract Limited is made from a hundred percent earth-grade Korean red ginseng roots. It contains no additives, no preservatives, and food coloring -- definitely safe to consume! That is why the rich and distinct flavor of red ginseng and its active components are retained at the highest level as well.

3. Extract Limited is made by a globally known and trusted manufacturer.

CheongKwangJang is a trusted brand that conducts over 293 quality and safety tests to ensure superior quality products. The company has more than a hundred years of extract technology know-how, so its products have high levels of ginsenosides and a good balance of other active components from red ginseng. This just proves that Extract Limited is safe to consume by every family member, including seniors.

4. It is easy to consume.

Some supplements are usually in tablets or capsules, and most old people may find it difficult to swallow. Because Extract Limited is in liquid form, consuming it is a lot easier. All they need is to take one gram of the extract in a small teaspoon, up to three times a day.

5. Extract Limited can be enjoyed as a drink.

Extract Limited can both be consumed as it is or as a warm or cold drink. With that being said, seniors can enjoy it in the morning as a warm drink or in the afternoon as a refreshing cold drink. All they have to do is mix one gram of the extract with eight ounces of warm or iced water. Add some honey to sweeten it.

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