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Immune Foods for New Years 2021—the Orange

Immune Foods for New Years 2021—the Orange

Oranges are one of the healthiest fruits around—and also one of the most versatile. What’s great is that it peaks during the winter months.

Health-wise, oranges are just chock full of vitamins. Known best for their extremely high vitamin C content, oranges also contain vitamins A and B6. Vitamin A is an important antioxidant, while B6 helps with healthy skin and fighting fatigue.

Oranges also contain potassium and calcium, which are great sources of fiber, and may even help lower cholesterol. They can also help prevent kidney stones and boost respiratory health, among other benefits. No wonder oranges are listed as a super-food!

While you may get the most health benefits out of oranges by simply peeling them and eating them raw, that's sometimes not exactly the most exciting way to eat them.

You can certainly add raw orange slices to the side of any meal, and they're always a welcome snack, but you can also use oranges in other ways! Check out these ideas for inspiration on utilizing this super-food in different ways. Let the New Year of 2021 be your healthiest yet!

Chicken Dishes with Orange

Chicken Dishes with Orange

Have you tried roasting chicken with citrus flavors yet? It's certainly a revelation if you haven’t, especially when made using the whole bird.

Pair your fresh orange juice (and slices) with a little white wine, dress it up with some yams, garlic, onions, and olive oil, put it in the oven, and call it a wrap!

Salads with Orange

Salads with Orange

Try some orange slices with your favorite salad! Whether you add them to a tasty and nutritious fruit salad (such as with berries and other fruits), or to more traditional salads.

Orange slices go very well with roasted duck or chicken in a salad as well—try them in a Chinese chicken salad!

Tea with Orange

Tea with Orange

Everybody usually associates tea with another citrus fruit—the lemon. However, adding fresh-squeezed orange juice (or juice from a juicer) can give your tea that extra immune system boost.

Try adding orange juice to your favorite tea (I recommend chamomile) along with some whole wheat crackers for a delicious afternoon snack.

Orange Drinks

While both fresh-squeezed orange juice and orange juice that is processed through a juicer are the purest ways to get your orange infusion, sometimes people want something a little more unique.

Does your orange juice need a tangy twist? Try making orange lemonade! Combine freshly squeezed orange and lemon juice, water, a little sugar, and fresh orange and lemon slices in a pitcher. Stir (or mix) well and let chill. Pour over ice for a refreshing midday pick me up.

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